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CCTV America: The Heat explores the future of Afghanistan after major US withdrawal

November 13, 2014

Is Afghanistan better or worse off after 13 years war?

The Heat hosted a panel of experts to discuss the country’s future:

  • Haroun Mir, a leading political strategist from Kabul.
  • Peter Galbraith, a former U.N. deputy special representative for Afghanistan.
  • Tony Shaffer, the former senior U.S. intelligence officer.

Click on the link to watch the video.

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International New York Times
January 24, 2014

Regarding “Kabul attack may alter foreigners’ view” (News, Jan. 20): Most Western diplomats serve in Afghanistan for a one-year tour. They arrive with no experience of the country, can’t speak either of its languages, and only venture out of their fortified embassies with difficulty. By the time they start to understand the country, they are gone. Vadim Nazarov, a Russian United Nations official murdered in the attack on the Taverna du Liban restaurant in central Kabul, devoted his life to Afghanistan. Fluent in Dari, he served there in the 1980s and continuously over the last eight years. He was a kind man, an excellent diplomat and an irreplaceable resource.
Peter W. Galbraith, Townshend, Vt.
The writer served as the deputy special representative of the United Nations in Afghanistan in 2009.

Devoted diplomat’s murder in Kabul

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Diplomatic Courier: Afghanistan: America’s Crucible

Diplomatic Courier:


Written by  Nasir Shansab, Guest Contributor
Sep 17, 2013


That sentence sums up what has happened—or rather did not happen—in Afghanistan since the ouster of the Taliban in November 2001 and the installation of Hamid Karzai to lead that country.

. . . 

NATO had concluded in 2009 that the Taliban controlled 70 percent of Afghanistan, effectively rendering fair and free elections impossible. Yet, the Obama administration agreed to let Mr. Karzai have his elections, which cost the U.S. and its allies $300 million and brought Afghanistan to the verge of another civil war.

Subsequently, UN Chief Representative Peter Galbraith made public the massive vote rigging of Afghanistan’s 2009 presidential elections. Otherwise, the deception probably would have remained unknown. Ambassador Galbraith lost his job for his honesty.

Please read the article at this link

This article was originally published in the Diplomatic Courier’s September/October 2013 print edition.


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